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Integrated Custom Software began operations in 1985. Our software reflects our company name. We produce fully integrated packages, not collections of utilities. We customize our "off-the-shelf" packages and we also produce specialized, totally unique packages to meet specific customer requirements. Programming efficiency and reliability is obtained by using ICS-developed programming tools and subroutines to provide highly structured, non-redundant processing. The result is rapid turn-around time for the development of new features and stable, reliable software. ICS originally focused on software for the Wang VS computer.


When IBM released the AS/400 computer in the early 1990's we found it to be a highly reliable computer but one that inherited from its mainframe predecessors an output print stream designed for impact, pin fed printers. Meanwhile, personal computers were being developed, and these supported a variety printers, many with graphics capability. What was required was a software product that would run on the AS/400 and bridge the gap between the AS/400 print stream and the requirements of the new technology printers. In response to this ICS developed FormSprint, released in 1992.


Since its release, FormSprint has been under constant development and growth. After a sale, our goal is to provide outstanding technical support. When you call ICS, you talk to a person, not a machine. We do our best to answer your questions or solve your problems quickly, whether it appears to be an ICS product problem or not. We have been rewarded by a very loyal customer base, some of which are still running FormSprint since purchasing it in the 1990s.