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Check Printing

FormSprint easily converts AP and Payroll preprinted checks to laser printed checks on blank check stock.

Save Money and Increase Efficiency 
  • Fit any style check including self-sealing with your current spool file

  • Automatically email direct deposit notices

  • Print check copy on plain paper and even on another printer

  • Reduce detail overflow

  • Print signature with check

  • Automatically print and sort from multiple accounts

  • Print directly from the IBM i

  • Archive check stub for future lookup

  • Positive Pay Files

Regulations Compliance Rules Law Standar
Compliant Checks

FormSprint is Check 21-compliant and contains the MICR E-13B font necessary for check printing. Just add MICR toner, which is readily available in cartridges to fit most laser printers, and blank check stock. No special "check" printer necessary.


FormSprint’s built-in security control permits a properly authorized user to control access to a check form by setting a usage counter, which limits the number of times the form can be accessed, and by setting an expiration date and time, after which access will be denied regardless of the current value of the usage counter.


Signatures are secured on the IBM i and stored in a proprietary format. Signatures can be dynamically selected and printed along with the rest of the check and the signature can be suppressed or a second signature added if the check is greater than a specified amount.

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