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Barcodes Made Easy
With FormSprint

FormSprint generates all major bar codes including the USPS Intelligent Mail© Barcode, PDF417, MaxiCode and QR code

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Document Barcodes
  • All bar codes can be scaled and rotated 

  • Data from spool file can be converted to barcode with a click

  • Invoice number, Customer number or any other string can be conditionally  converted and placed on the document

Packages on Shelves
Shipping Barcodes
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (Imb) which is required for automation prices

  • UPS 2-dimensional Maxicode

  • Code 128 subsets A, B, and C barcodes

  • FormSprint complies with the UCC-128 Serial Shipping Container specification

  • Austrailian Postal Barcode

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.00.58
2D Barcodes for Bulk Data or URLs
  • QR Codes for printing links to your webpage

  • PDF417 stores multiple lines of data up to a total of 1700 characters

Full List of Barcodes

3 in 9
2/5 Interleaf
Modified Plessey
Code 128 A

Code 128 B

Code 128 C

Code 128 B-C


Australia Post

QR Code





Reverse Postnet

Intelligent Mail© Barcode

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