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Electronically Distribute Your Documents

PowerPDF, a robust PDF converter developed by ICS FormSprint, can be simply added to your base FormSprint package, maximizing your productivity by easily providing you with paperless capability. Easily output PDF files to the IFS or a Network server!

It’s simple…

Power PDF runs on the IBM i, so it is easy to configure and creates files quickly. There is no need for a separate server, your application creates the spool file and then FormSprint converts it, all on your IBM i! Most users switching from other PDF programs tell us our application is many times faster than their current solution. 

...and powerful

PowerPDF works with full-color documents and graphics, and includes:

  • Rapid output of PDF to the IFS or any network file share

  • Burst spool files into individual files

  • Archive all of your documents

  • Password protection

  • Create PDF files on a network fileshare with QNTC

Working from home but you still need to see your printer output? Power PDF let's you view your documents without a printer session or a printer!

Take it from our customers:

“When the COVID-19 pandemic forced our workers to stay home, we asked FormSprint if they had an alternative way to deliver invoices to our end users and ultimately our customer. FormSprint saved our company a lot of headaches and needless trips to the office with PowerPDF & PowerEmail. Thank you FormSprint!”


Marjie Rosenberry                                           

Systems Development Manager                   

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company

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