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W2, 1099s, ACA and Other Tax Forms

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Working Together
Easily Align Your Data and Boxes

FormSprint takes the pain out of printing W2s, 1099s and other tax forms. Preprinted tax forms are difficult to get lined up correctly on the printer. Often the third and fourth copies of preprinted tax forms printed on an impact printer are impossible to read. By the time the inevitable reprints for lost W2s and 1099s are handled, a fair amount of time has been spent by already busy staff.

Get Rid of Pre-Printed Forms and Automatically Archive

FormSprint allows the use of plain blank stock because FormSprint prints the form and data together. Data always appears in the proper place and the form can be archived during processing to make reprints a snap. ICS can even provide the tax form definitions ready to go for a nominal fee. Contact ICS to discuss what you will need to print your tax forms. Follow this link to see samples of the most commonly used tax forms.

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