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IBM i, iSeries & AS400 Applications

We’ve been constantly developing FormSprint since its release in 1992, and in that time, our customers have put it to work on a wide variety of applications. With powerful, reliable distribution and printing options, FormSprint is a truly comprehensive document management tool.


With IBM dropping support for AFP Utilities on 7.3, it’s time to find an improvement, not just a replacement. Because FormSprint is a native IBM i program, it easily replaces AFP with no need for additional servers.

iSeries and AS400 Forms
& Documents

High-quality, professional AS400 forms, and documents, prepared and printed quickly and efficiently. Don’t just take our word for it: take a look at some sample forms that FormSprint can handle.

FormSprint Works

Every application of FormSprint is guaranteed to be simple: once it’s set up, you barely have to think about it. Your documents will go to print, PDF, email or archive without any interaction on your part. And if you do need help, a knowledgeable support professional is just a phone call away.

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