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More Than Print


PDF Output
  • Output PDF to the IFS or any network file share

  • Save money on paper

  • Full color documents and graphics

  • Burst spool files into individual files

  • Archive all of your documents

  • Document viewer

  • Password protection


FormSprint can output your documents that need a signature to Signature Manager or NowYouSign based on how you need to get the signature. You can then collect the signature as well as printed name, date, pictures and more on the document. Signatures can be collected on BOLs, Rental Agreements and more.

Businessman in a Car
Automated Email

FormSprint lets you automatically send the document out by email when it is being printed. The email address can come from the spool file, or it can be looked up in your database. Conditionally print or email based on customer preference. 

Legal Aid
Easily Build a Searchable Document Database

FormSprint can be configured to automatically archive your documents in a secure database as they are being printed. There is no need to scan a printed copy back in and hope for the OCR to work with indexing. FormSprint produces a clean archived document that is indexed on up to 10 search parameters that you define. The web archive then provides an easy web based tool to allow your users to find the documents that they need and then easily view, print or email. 

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