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For over 25 years, hundreds of companies have been relying on FormSprint to produce their business critical documents! Many of our customers have been with us for at least 15 years. Our customers range from Mom and Pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. The only thing that our users like more than the power and reliability of FormSprint is the customer support that they receive. When you call ICS you talk to a person, not a menu or bot. 

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"Bridgford Foods Corporation has utilized ICS FormSprint forms overlay and
PDF document creation products on our IBM iSeries for over 12 years.
Our forms range from simple 8x11 "green bar" documents to complicated multi
page, multi copy, barcoded, documents that are routed by requester to
network printers throughout the United  States.
Simultaneously, selected documents have TIF images created and are sent to
our document storage and retrieval system and/or PDF files are created and
sent to our automated document email system.
The outstanding staff at ICS always provided quick, professional support
whenever development assistance is needed.  These products just work and
customer support through the years has been outstanding!"

Bob Delong, IS Manager, VP,

Bridgford Foods Corporation


"We have been loyal FormSprint customers for over 20 years and use it
extensively every day to create a multitude of forms. It provides as much or
more 'bang for the buck' than any software purchase we have ever made.  Over
the years, we have seen significant improvements made to the product. One
example is the ability for FormSprint to create PDF documents that are
electronic duplicates of the original printed forms. These PDF documents can
be viewed 'on the fly' while developing or changing a form which saves
significant time (and paper). We also use FormSprint to archive these
documents on our IBM i (AS/400) or somewhere on our network where users can
quickly access them. Perhaps the most exciting enhancement was the addition
of email support to the product. Several years ago, we stopped printing and
distributing over 600 Direct Deposit advices to employees each week and
began using FormSprint to email them directly to employees (as PDF documents
attached to email messages).  This continues to save us time and money each
and every week. The best thing I can say about FormSprint is simply that IT

Rick Steffes, Sr. Analyst/Developer
City of Marietta

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"We are very pleased with FormSprint.  This is a very manageable program and is able to meet all of our needs.  I am very happy with it.  The implementation was very easy and the customer support is stellar.  As soon as I make a call, I am able to talk to someone about my problem.  They immediately start working on it and keep me informed on the progress.

FormSprint is with us in every department of our business.  This includes, invoice statements, checks, receiving receipts, PO's, barcoding, etc.  We have multiple companies and it is very easy to manipulate the data when needed.

This has been one of the best changes that our company has done and we would recommend this for every food distributor."

Lloyd Langham
IT Director
Hillcrest Food Service


"FormSprint software has solved every form printing problem we have thrown at it.    Their support never stops until a problem is solved."

Brian Foy, Computer Programmer
Telecom Division
Holyoke Gas & Electric


"FormSprint has been an excellent product for us.  It has allowed us to transition from costly preprinted tractor fed forms to a much sleeker and modern laser printed form with very little effort.  The FormSprint programs run on a day-to-day basis with little attention other than software upgrades or changes to forms that we chose to make.  The team at ICS is responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with.   Reliable software, low maintenance and great support makes FormSprint/ICS a great choice for any business!"  

Martha Moak

White Flower Farm


“FormSprint allows us to directly print complex forms directly from our RPG programs.   The team at Formsprint is always anxious to help us.


We use it for AR, AP Checks and also for general printing of reports as emailed PDFs"

Russ Mitchell

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