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Replace AFP
 No Additional


FormSprint lets you replace AFP without adding additional servers. FormSprint is a native IBM i application that can produce professional looking documents with full color graphics, a variety of fonts, including MICR, without depending on a Windows server. Automated PDF and email of documents is also on the AS/400. 

"It Just Works!"


FormSprint has been around for over 25 years and it is so reliable, that one thing that we hear from our customers time and again is "it just works." Once FormSprint is running, you don't even have to think about it, you know your documents are going to print, PDF, email or archive without any interaction. If you ever have a question, just call support and talk to a knowledgable person, not a phone menu or chatbot.  

PDF, Email, Digital Signature

FormSprint has powerful distribution options, conditionally outputting to PDF, email, Web based archive, CSV, Signature Capture Apps or print to any network or local printer. Dynamically choose any or all of these methods based on data in the spool file or database lookup.  


View the video for a quick overview of FormSprint and it's capabilities