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IBM i Forms Software

That Just Works

You’ve got bigger things to worry about than chasing down signatures or getting your documents printed and archived. We create off-the-shelf and custom document management solutions that just work — so you can focus on doing more business.

Easy AFP Replacement

FormSprint is a native IBM i application that produces professional documents with full-color graphics and a variety of fonts, including MICR, without depending on a Windows server. Automated PDF and document emails are also on the AS/400. In short, FormSprint lets you replace AFP without buying new hardware or adding servers.

“It Just Works!”

In our over 25 years in business, it’s the thing we hear from our customers most: "It just works." We’ve put in the work to make sure our customers don't have to think about their documents and can focus on working more efficiently. Don’t take it from us; take it from our customers.

Digital Distribution Options

FormSprint has powerful distribution options including outputting to PDF, email, web-based archive, CSV, Signature Capture Apps or print to any network or local printer. Dynamically choose any or all of these methods based on data in the spool file or database lookup, then let it go and watch it work.

About Integrated Custom Software (ICS)

Since 1985, we’ve been producing document management software that reflects our company name. We produce fully integrated packages, not collections of utilities. We customize off-the-shelf packages and produce specialized, unique packages to meet specific customer requirements. Using ICS-developed programming tools and subroutines to provide highly structured, non-redundant processing, we provide rapid turnaround time for the development of new features and stable, reliable software.


In 1992, we released our flagship product: FormSprint, a document management tool that seamlessly integrates with your applications for printing, email, fax and archiving. Since its release, FormSprint has been under constant development and growth.


We take pride in creating products that “just work”: you know your documents are going to print, PDF, email or archive without any interaction. If you have a question, just call support and you’ll talk to a knowledgeable person, not a phone menu or chatbot.

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